June 2009, Norway: Sander Pass Photos

We recently tried to take passport photos of Sander and Thomas at home.

Here is the outcome of our MANY attempts with Sander.

Our only requirements: light background, closed mouth, both eyes visible.

If you haven't read the "Calvin and Hobbes" comics, you should look them up now...

Here we go... Sander, please sit on the sofa, look at mummy, and close your mouth.


Hmmm... let's try lying on the floor. Just look at mummy, and close your mouth.


OK, let's try standing by the wall. No, wait, no pacifier yet...


But without the pacifier this time, please please please. Close your mouth.


Leave your cloth. Look at mummy. Close your mouth.


No, really, we need this photo. Just look at me.


Close your mouth. Look at me. It will be over in a sec.


Sander, please...

Go back to the wall. Close your mouth. Look here.


Just - close - your - mouth - and look at mummy.


OK, I give up. Yes we are done.

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Silvija Seres, July 2009