January 2008, Norway: New Year in the Mountains

We spent, as usual, our New Year's eve in the mountains, in Trysil close to the eastern border of Norway. We spent the weekend with Andreas' mother Titti, sister Mette, her partner Petter, and their dog Felix.


This year's last weekend was unusually icy - so much so that we could go for walks on cross-country ski tracks, without bothering anyone. The only tricky part was getting the pram through the uphill bits; our pram really required crampons for those parts.


Sunny and clear - it was a cold start for the new year for our little one. He did not seem to mind, or indeed take much notice of difference between this and South Seas.

Cottage charms.


Sander and Felix were competing for attention, although there was plenty for both. But most of all they wanted to play together.


Sander seems to be appropriately fascinated by Smirnoff Ice and the men's magazine "Vi Menn". After all this action it was good to rest in his grandmother's lap by the big fireplace.


More walks on hard snow, with rich winter sunsets.


The view from the cottage is always great - the whole walley, with two skiing resorts, is below. But on New Years Eve it is fantastic - front row seats for all the fireworks from the valley.



And the farewell to fireworks... No more rockets allowed in Norway from this year.

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Silvija Seres, January 2008