Jordan photos: Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth, on 400 meters below sea level.

Because of the extremely hot temperatures in the area, there is much evaporation, and the remaining water is close to the saturation point wit salt.


The water contains 30% salt and is also rich in other minerals.


Some places are deeper, and the water there is warm and wonderful for swimming -- unless one has recently shaved, like Andreas, who had problems staying in for long because of the burning salt.

It is so easy to float on the surface, that it is difficult to get one's legs down again.


The water looks clear until one moves it; then, the dissolved salt becomes visible.

Of course, we had to try the famous dead sea black mud. Very black, and very much fun to apply...


... but not as much fun to remove, since the water *must*not* get into your eyes.

Of course, there are women in black and women in black.

Last view of the Dead Sea, as we ascend over the mountains on our way home.

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Silvija Seres, 19 July 2002