Home for a revolution:
Yugoslavia in October 2000

These are some of the photographs from Andreas's and my trip to Yugoslavia in October. The primary purpose was to meet my family after our wedding, since no one from Yugoslavia could attend, but we soon found outselves midst a proper October revolution. We arrived a few days after the presidential elections were won by Kostunica, and Milosevic had tried to manipulate the counts to get a second voting round.

We arrived on a Saturday, and the situation was getting increasingly tense during the week of our stay, until Thursday, when the demonstrators in Belgrade set the and the main TV building on fire.

The whole"denagerous-part" of the revolution happened very fast and only in Belgrade; but the feeling of radical change was very strong in the whole country. Throughout the whole week,there were road blocks for several hours each day, electricity was shut down fro about half the time, mostschools and working places were on strike and everyone Ispoke to was slightly bewildered, happy, and worried.

No one could guess how the army would choose to react.

On the photos a little of this is visible - my province Vojvodina looks as peaceful, and the people as serene, as ever. But people in Yugoslavia are well practised in living in extraordinary situations from the past 12 years, and these calm looks are deceptive.

Except, perhaps, when itcomes to the landscape of my dear Vojvodina.

The photos are divided between two pages, for easier download: here is part one, and here part two.

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Silvija Seres, November 2000