May 2014, Norway:
Five excursion around Oslo

Enjoying the early Norwegian summer close to home.

Bathing at Burud lake

First just us, later also with baka and deda, Haakon, Elena and Sondre.
A nice forest walk, then a lovely lake.
Still a bit chilly, but no grave matter for my vikings.







Here with baka and deda and cousins.



Hoyt & Lavt activity park

Impressed bu my boys' balance and stamina - the trails are quite demanding.
A great day out, just one hour's drive from Oslo.











Oslo docks, Navy festival

Celebrating 200-year anniversary of Norwegian Navy at Oslo's docks.
Spring, face paint, and a lost&found little boy amidst large and many navies.









Bogstad lake

Sand beach, swans and a lovely old manor with its own zombie-cottage.







Orienteering, flowers, sea and swing-poles.





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Silvija Seres, May 2014