May 2014, Norway:
Langedrag and Flaa

A weekend trip with kids, to two great zoological parcs.


Pumas, wolfs, elgs, polar foxes, and lots of hairy cows, horses, rabbits and more.


















Andreas visited the pumas, in their part of the park.
They were placed in several very large enclosings (we could not see to the other end).
The one Andreas visited housed a young couple.
They approached (curious things) and sat only a couple of meters away from their three visitors.
Only grown-ups are allowed in here and to the wolves.



Silvija visited the wolfs, in their large enclosing.
We entered, sat and waited patiently with our guide Tuva, until three wolfs approached us.
Tuva has been living with these wolfs most of their (and her) life.
In another part of park there were two "socialized" wolfs, but these were wild.



This part of the park houses several elgs.
The kids loved feeding them, and watching them stomp around.
There was also one three-day old calf.




Tuva with her two "tame" wolfs.

More petting of small and safe foxes and reindeer, and later just fun at the farmhouse.










In Flaa bear park

Mainly bears, but also great playgrounds and paths through a large, well kept forrest.













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Silvija Seres, May 2014