September 2012, Norway: Maia's second birthday

Bake kake soete...

September 28th 2012 - Maia 2 years old! We are celebrating with the family.

Maia with the birthday crown, and her rabbit.


The girls team: Daniela, Elena, baka Erzsi, Maia and Michelle.

Cousins Sondre (2) and Elena (6).


The boys team: Haakon, deda Sandor, Sondre, Sander, Uncle Oeystein and Thomas.

Grandmothers Erzsi and Titti.


Kamilla and Kaia, Oeystein and Mette.



A very serious Beyblade contest.


Two candles shining bright. Maia blew them out at least five times.

Hello Kitty cake by Michelle.


Three generations of Seres girls.



Sander and Bettina in a tickle contest. The others joined in as well. Exhausted Thomas.


Mette's Felix, and one more birthday girl.



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Silvija Seres, September 2012