July 2011, Croatia: Part 1, Korcula

We spent two weeks in Croatia, visiting the islands Korcula and Mljet.

This page has photos from our stay in Cika Marko's house (father of Bruno, a good friend of Nenad).

How we got there:


The view from Cika Marko's house:

Herbal life.


Main activities: swimming and sleeping on our local pier. And a bit of football on the quiet and shaded road.



Grill: cevacici and other delicacies. We didn't eat the crabs.


A feast of colours.

A walk to the old nearby St Anton church.





Etiquette 101: how young ladies eat watermellons.


More beach and spashing.


Monastery on island Badija, our favourite view from across the bay.

And a few photos from Split, in transit while we waited for a boat ride:




Part 2 Home

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Silvija Seres, August 2011