Our Wedding

Andreas and I got married on Saturday, 29 July 2000, in Harris Manchester College, in Oxford.

Here is photo-report of the wedding, for the sake of our dear families and friends who were there to celebrate with us, but even more so for those who could not be there. In particular my grandmother and the rest of the family, and our friends from Yugoslavia were greatly missed and often mentioned.

Most of the photographs here were taken by our friends, but the very professional looking ones are probably taken by our fantastic photographer Keith Barnes. My two favourite ones, however, are taken by Ivana - they are at the bottom of this page.

The wedding celebration was a mixture of different traditions. It began at 1PM with the wedding ceremony. Then there was a short strawberry reception, and then a long wedding breakfast, because the Norwegian tradition demands a long list of speeches for such occasions. To compensate for this for our non-Norwegian guests, we had a string quartet afterwards, which even played some Hungarian tunes for me and my family. Then there was the cake cutting and a ceilidh. We have organised the photographs in groups according to these events. You can either reach them all from this page or start from part 1 and just follow the next button at the end of each page:

  • Before the wedding ceremony
  • In the chapel
  • The champagne reception
  • Wedding photos of the two of us
  • The wedding breakfast
  • The party afterwards
  • The day after: punting and the Trout
  • And this is a poem that David and Anne wrote in our guest book:
    A couple from a Nordic Land,
    To Oxford came, hand in hand.
    Before their friends they were wed,
    With such many lovely words being said.
    Of such devotion did we hear,
    That all eyes sparkled with a tear.
    And when we danced in to the night,
    We all could see the match was right.
    So we give you our best wishes
    Silvija and Andreas, Mr. and Mrs.

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    Silvija Seres, October 2000